Dr. Gilles Julien: The man at the heart of the Foundation

« Children make me calm. I think I’ve always been like that. I’m more comfortable around children than adults. Adults are hard to read—unlike children, who cry out for truth and sincerity, and want nothing more than to communicate. We need to know how to connect with them, respect them and listen to them. As long as I can, I will be there for them. » — Dr. Gilles Julien


A life in the service of vulnerable children

As a physician, clinician and researcher, Dr. Julien has always been deeply passionate about advancing the cause of children struggling with difficult living conditions in Quebec and elsewhere. He has created a unique community social pediatrics model that is recognized across Canada and in many other countries. His expertise and great contribution to society have been acknowledged on numerous occasions, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Julien is the author of numerous books on community social pediatrics.

Ma vie comme une course à obstacles
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Enfants à livre ouvert
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Dr Julien à hauteur d’enfant
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Vivre avec un enfant qui dérange
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Enfances blessées, sociétés appauvries
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Aide-moi à te parler! La communication parents-enfants
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