The Community Social Pediatrics Institute: Research and training

The practice of community social pediatrics is expanding across Quebec and around the world. To respond to the interest it has generated and to pass on the knowledge gained from experience and social innovation, the Fondation Dr Julien created the Community Social Pediatrics Institute. This training and research centre codifies practices and offers adapted courses for workers and professionals through professional development, university modules and community training.

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Training that makes a difference in children’s lives

The training offered by the Institute helps to create a protective circle around children in vulnerable situations. Building on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, this training teaches participants how to recognize needs and sources of stress that affect children’s health and well-being, and how to create comprehensive and customized solutions through the meaningful participation of each child and their loved ones.

Training to enrich your practice.

This training is intended for anyone interested in incorporating the community social pediatrics approach into their professional or personal life. Whether you work in a community social pediatrics centre or in various areas of medicine (pediatrics, family, preventative or child psychiatric medicine), law, social work or special education, this training is for you. It will enrich your practice while helping children in vulnerable situations.

Why enrol in our training?

A customized, interdisciplinary course
Innovative practice supported by research
Access to a dynamic and engaged community of practice
4. Recognition of the training by several professional bodies

Tailored training

Professional development

University modules

Community training

Research chairs to enrich best practices

This program is intended for health science, social science or legal professionals working in community social pediatrics centres. With a view to the continuous improvement of practice, it uses a variety of teaching methods and consists of many components:

  • Introductory program
  • Development program
  • Peer learning

The Institute offers clinical internships to educate and train students with respect to the community social pediatrics approach. These internships are for university students enrolled in medicine, nursing, law, social sciences or special education programs. The Institute is furthermore developing a graduate certificate in community social pediatrics that will be available at McGill University as of September 2023.

The training and support offered by the CLAN (Child Links with Adults and Networks) program provides tools for children and families to ensure the application of all rights set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to develop a common language and to help build a fair and just society.

The Fondation Dr Julien works to advance the practice of community social pediatrics with the support of two research chairs, with a view to:

  • Applying the latest scientific knowledge to the practice
  • Using data to measure the impact of the practice on children’s lives
  • Studying and defining actions focused on child welfare
  • Better understanding and strengthening cooperation among professionals
  • Fostering a culture of innovation that combines scientific research with practical expertise

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