Children need your help, and so do we. Thank you!

The Foundation has been fortunate to work with generous and committed donors since its very beginning. Our partners believe in the power of social pediatrics and, through their generosity, support and trust, help to care for and empower thousands of children. They give these children a chance to flourish while ensuring their fundamental rights are respected. It is thanks to these great donor-builders that the Foundation has grown and continues to succeed in advancing the practice and supporting the deployment of the network of certified community social pediatrics centres.

The Circle of Great Donor-Builders

We would like to acknowledge the exceptional contribution of the donors who enable us to pursue our mission and look to the future with confidence.

Gilbert Sansoucy

Fondation Famille Michel Fournelle

National Bank

J. Sebastian van Berkom

Optimum Groupe financier

The relationship between Dr Julien and Gilbert Sansoucy goes back to 1997 when the Gilbert provided a home for what would become the very first PSC center on the corner of Alwin and Adam. His involvement is as great as ever, with renovations and leasehold improvements occurring under the watchful eye of this entrepreneur. But what matters to him above all is the sustainability of the organization: “people must realize that the Dr Julien Foundation needs money in order to last over time because thousands of children are counting on us.”

— Gilbert Sanscoucy

“Our relationship with the Dr Julien Foundation dates back to 2003 and it has intensified over the years because we share the same values. As we firmly believe in community social pediatrics, we will continue to invest in this model believing that all children have a right to a chance to succeed.”

— Michel-Éric Fournelle
Fondation Famille Michel Fournelle president

“My support for the Foundation is truly a family affair. I was first introduced to it by my sister, who is a pediatrician. More recently, I’ve also become involved through National Bank. I hope to do even more over the coming years to help Dr. Julien’s team protect vulnerable children. By working together, we can all contribute to making a real difference in our community!”

— Jehan Vekemans
Vice President, Business Strategy, Wealth Management, National Bank

“I believe that Dr. Julien has created a unique model of social pediatrics here in Quebec, which has been tried and tested and achieved world-class stature over the years. Even Quebec’s ministry of health has endorsed this practice, which helps disadvantaged children reintegrate into mainstream society. What better investment could a donor make than to support children in their quest for the future?”

— J. Sebastian van Berkom
President and Chief Executive Officer, Van Berkom and Associates Inc.

“Optimum Financial Group is proud to support the Dr Julien Foundation since 2013. Optimum and our employees maintain this commitment as part of our annual fundraising campaign. I am pleased that we can positively influence the future of these children and facilitate access to the care and services provided by the Dr Julien Foundation and its various social pediatric centers throughout Québec, particularly during this period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

— Annabelle Blondeau
President and Chief Executive Officer
Vice Chair of the Board

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It is with gratitude that we acknowledge the generosity of the donors—individuals, businesses, foundations and partner organizations—who enabled us to raise nearly $5 million in 2019-2020.

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