Together, let’s provide care and empower children for life

We aspire to a world in which every child receives the care and services they need to achieve their full potential. In 2020, Quebec is served by a network of 45 community social pediatrics centres reaching more than 10,000 children annually. Ontario has one centre while New Brunswick now has two. Social pediatrics is practised in British Columbia and many more initiatives are emerging elsewhere.
Let us continue working to build a caring society where every child has a place.

Working together to ensure access to community social pediatrics

Our mission is to mobilize the community to:

  • Give us the means to support front-line workers and increase their numbers
  • Influence practices
  • Promote our unique community social pediatrics model
  • And ensure its longevity

So that as many vulnerable children as possible can access care and services that respect their basic rights.

Our action plan

1. Supporting the deployment of the community social pediatrics network

The Fondation Dr Julien has developed the tools required to support the many communities seeking its expertise to gain knowledge about community social pediatrics. The goal shared with clinicians and social entrepreneurs is to integrate this model of care into communities in order to address the pressing needs of children being left behind.

2. Ensuring standard practice through certification

The Fondation Dr Julien supports a growing number of community social pediatrics centres and teams for the benefit of vulnerable children. A rigorous certification process ensures the implementation and continuous improvement of the practice, the quality of services and adherence to Dr. Julien’s unique community social pediatrics model.

3. Evolving best practices through clinical observation, social innovation and research

The Foundation must continue to respond to children and communities by keeping its feet firmly rooted in practice, on the ground. As a result, innovation and knowledge emerge from powerful intervention tools such as:

  • Group music practice and neuroscientific knowledge
  • Amicable dispute resolution, mediation and the Child’s Circle
  • Social development and the Rights Committee
  • Screening and prevention, Accès à l’école program and stimulation workshops

The Foundation also works to advance the practice and create the practices of tomorrow through two research chairs.

4. Looking to the future with the Community Social Pediatrics Institute

In order to pass on the knowledge gained through experience and innovation, the Foundation codifies and disseminates this knowledge through a continuum of training: from university education to community training and from professional development to international conferences.

5. Promoting the community social pediatrics model and practice

The Foundation influences how vulnerable children are cared for through conferences, education, sharing, listening and advising. This model can be adapted to local cultures; for example, increasing numbers of Indigenous communities are beginning to adopt it.

6. Ensuring longevity through philanthropic development and mobilization

The Foundation mobilizes the community so that children whose development is compromised by difficult living conditions can benefit from community social pediatrics care and services. We seek out committed partners who believe, as we do, that our collective duty is to care for, empower and support these children and protect their rights

An enduring commitment

The Fondation Dr Julien believes that children are supreme agents of change. Children are at the heart of the community social pediatrics model, and they must possess the tools needed to meaningfully participate in the decisions that affect them and contribute to building a more just society. Each child must be surrounded by caring adults who provide a protective circle. Together, let us form this circle and give our children a better future.

Dr Gilles Julien