Centre certification

Certification is a mechanism to continuously improve practices, maintain the quality of care and services, and preserve the fundamental characteristics of the social pediatrics model developed by pediatrician Dr. Gilles Julien. This certification program was developed in collaboration with the Bureau de normalisation du Québec. The Foundation provides support to centres and teams of professionals to ensure the roll-out of a high-quality network and the longevity of the practice.

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Why have your centre certified?


Ensure that care and services are in line with the values and spirit of community social pediatrics and meet the highest quality standards.


Be part of the network of certified social pediatrics centres officially recognized by the Government of Quebec and the community.


Benefit from continuous support from a dedicated team, expert advice and all the services offered by the Foundation.


For centres in Quebec, receive annual grants through the funding agreement with the Government of Quebec.

How to get your centre certified

There are three levels of certification (R1–R2–R3) that reflect the centre’s maturity. The certification criteria vary depending on the number of children served, the number and type of interventions, the range of services and the number of years in operation. These are assessed by the Foundation’s certification team on an annual basis.

1. Contact

3 months prior to your centre’s 1st anniversary

  • Planning the visit to your centre
  • Sending of preliminary assessment document

2. Organization

2-6 weeks prior to clinic visit

  • Confirmation of date of visit (in person or remote)
  • Submission of preliminary assessment document

3. Visit

One day

  • Clinical observation by certification officer and peer assessor (physician or social worker)

4. Assessment

Approximately 1 month after visit

  • Annotation of preliminary evaluation document following visit (value: 65%)
  • Sharing of comments for analysis

5. Analysis

Time frame of approximately 2 weeks

  • Analysis of observations and other criteria
  • Preparation and submission of certification report

6. Decision

Time frame of 6-8 weeks

  • Announcement of certification committee’s decision
  • Report and recommendations sent to centre

7. Action plan

Time frame of 3 months

  • The centre then submits an action plan for implementing the Foundation’s recommendations to improve its practice.


In order to maintain the centre’s certification level and move forward to the next stage, this must be updated annually.

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