Giving to make a difference

Every donation counts—whether it is small or large, individual or corporate, in the form of cash or shares, comes as a one-time gift or as a monthly contribution—because it makes a difference in the life of a vulnerable child. It is thanks to your donations that the Fondation Dr Julien can pursue its mission and support the deployment of new community social pediatrics centres. Thank you for helping more children receive care and become better equipped for life. Thank you for being part of the caring, protective circle around our children.

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Monthly donation
One-time donation
Donation in memory

Monthly donation

Opting for a monthly donation means choosing to make a long-term commitment to helping vulnerable children. It is a simple and practical way to provide assistance on a regular basis, allowing the Foundation to plan for the future. By having your donations deducted automatically each month, you are helping the Foundation reduce administrative costs.
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One-time donation

Want to support the Foundation? Every donation counts and is greatly appreciated because it allows us to pursue our mission of helping children in need. It is simple, easy and safe.

Donation in memory

Honour the memory of a loved one or donate on behalf of a loved one—for example, a newborn or a caregiver—by making a positive impact on society and helping children in need. At your request, we can send a card attesting to your donation to the family concerned.

I want to organize a fundraiser

For more information and suggestions on how to organize an activity for the benefit of the Fondation Dr Julien

Other types of donations

Benefits of donating monthly

  • Donations are made automatically, on a monthly basis, according to the amount you have determined (minimum $5/month)
  • Payment is made directly from your bank account or credit card on the date of your choice
  • You can easily increase, decrease, suspend or cancel your donation at any time by contacting us
  • You help save the environment by reducing mail-outs and requiring a single end-of-year tax receipt
  • Your contribution, combined with that of other donors, provides a regular source of funding allowing the Foundation to plan for the future
  • You help the Foundation reduce its administrative costs
  • With your permission, you will receive information on the use and impact of your donation
  • Your donation enables you to have a direct impact on children’s lives

General information

How to make a one-time gift or a gift in memory:

  • Online, by credit card or by bank transfer
  • By telephone at 514 527-3777 or 1 855 DR JULIEN
  • By mail: write a cheque payable to Fondation Dr Julien. Then mail to: Fondation Dr Julien, 4765 Rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal, QC H1V 1Z5. Please include your adress, email and phone if you wish to receive a tax receipt.
  • In person, either at one of the Foundation’s centres or at another social pediatrics centre in your area (See Map)

An official tax receipt will be issued for any donation of $20 or more.

Except during the Guignolée du Dr Julien fundraising period in December each year, we do not collect donations on the street. If you are solicited by anyone outside the Guignolée period, please let us know at:

Charitable registration number: 84 299 4675 RR0001.

For further information:
Carole Vermette
Philanthropic Development Officer
514 527-3777 ext. 411