Together, let’s provide care and empower children for life

Help us support community social pediatrics throughout Quebec. Your contribution makes a real difference in the lives of thousands of children from vulnerable situations.


Be part of the caring, protective circle

We are talking about a great social project. We need to ensure the longevity of community social pediatrics and support social entrepreneurs and clinicians so it can be delivered in as many vulnerable communities as possible. The Foundation encourages citizens of all ages, businesses, foundations, institutions and governments to join us in investing in our future, our children. And you can help us build this big protective circle.

Community social pediatrics

Why support the Foundation?

The Fondation Dr Julien seeks to deliver social pediatrics services in as many vulnerable communities as possible. Too many children do not have access to the care and services to which they are entitled in order to grow up healthy and develop their full potential. Supporting the Foundation means contributing to the quality of care and services, the longevity of social pediatrics, and the deployment of a vital front-line network for thousands of children. Together, we can do it.


The rights of the child

Dr Gilles Julien

Social Pediatrics