Corporate donations strengthening the protective circle around each child

As a good corporate citizen, you would like to get involved and make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families. Mobilize your employees to be part of the caring, protective circle around our children to help them achieve their extraordinary potential.

  • Corporate donation: State your commitment with a major donation.
  • Employee program: Help your employees donate by joining our payroll deduction program.
  • Matched donations: Support your employees by committing to matching the funds they raise.
  • Fundraising: Encourage your employees to create their own fundraisers or events to benefit children in need.


Contact us

To discuss the different options and the corporate recognition program, please contact

Alexie Deschênes,
Senior Advisor, Philanthropic Development
514 777 7967

Thinking of a major corporate donation commitment or partnership? Want to organize a fundraiser for the Fondation Dr Julien?