Guignolée Dr Julien fundraiser

Frome the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your generosity in this 19th edition of the Guignolée Dr Julien fundraiser. Your support will allow thousands of children to grow up healthy and will contribute to support the community social pediatrics movement across Quebec.

Donate all year

The 2021 Guignolée Dr Julien fundraiser is now over, but vulnerable children still need you. To help them grow up healthy, there are several ways to support the Fondation Dr Julien:

  • Online
  • By telephone at 1-855-DRJULIEN (1-855-375-8543).
  • By mail: write a cheque to Fondation Dr Julien (4765 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal, QC, H1V 1Z5)

Community social pediatrics

This unique approach to integrated social medicine developed by Dr. Gilles Julien focuses on the needs, interests and fundamental rights of children in vulnerable situations.

It includes identifying, reducing or eliminating toxic sources of stress that affect every child’s development. Surrounded by a team of professionals who are mobilized and supported by their communities, thousands of children receive care and services that enable them to grow up healthy and reach their full potential.

Donate to a centre near you

There are over 40 certified community social pediatrics centres across Quebec. By giving directly to the centre near you, you’re supporting vulnerable children in your community.

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A few images from the Guignolée fundraiser

To our precious partners, THANK YOU!