The Guignolée Dr Julien Fundraiser

The 18th Guignolée Dr Julien fundraiser edition ended on a very positive note. A record amount of more than $ 3 050 000 was raised for the benefit of community social pediatrics across the province, further demonstrating the extent to which Quebecers believe in our work and care for the good of children and families in very vulnerable situations in their respective regions.

We want to thank the entire population and our donor partners for their great generosity. Thank you also to the workers, volunteers, children and families who shared their experiences with us at the different centres across the province, who touched us and made us realize how important it is to mutually support each other in our communities.

Donate to the Fondation Dr Julien

Your donation will provide care and services delivered directly to children in vulnerable situations at the three Fondation Dr Julien centres of expertise:

  • La Ruelle d’Hochelaga ;
  • The centre de pédiatrie sociale de Côte-Des-Neiges ;
  • The Garage à Musique.

Donate to your local community social pediatrics centre

There are now more than 40 community social pediatrics centres across Quebec. You can donate directly to one near you. The money received by each of these centres will go directly towards their operations. You can make a real difference in the lives of children in your community! Select a centre from the list below and complete the donation form.


Why donate?

In Quebec, thousands of children currently lack the care and support they need to achieve their full potential. The unique approach of community social pediatrics centres means that more children can receive care and become better equipped for life. Your donations help ensure that all these children in vulnerable situations have access to a better future.

Saturday, December 12

We may not be gathering in the streets this year, but we had a great double bill lined up for you to enjoy on Saturday, December 12.

On the radio with Joël Le Bigot

From 7:00 to 11:00 a.m., “Samedi et rien d’autre” was hosted live by Joël Le Bigot on ICI Radio-Canada Première.

Accompanied by Dr Gilles Julien, Joël Le Bigot, journalists and colleagues, including Ève Christian, godmother and co-founder of the Guignolée, invited you for interviews, meetings and testimonials about community social pediatrics. Join us to reflect, stimulate your intellect and have a good time in a festive mood, however special the holidays are this year!



In the afternoon, watch the Guignolée Dr Julien Webothon presented by National Bank on Facebook Live or YouTube Live. Hosted by Christian Bégin and Dr. Julien himself, this unique french-speaking event will feature testimonials, interviews and performances by guest artists. The show will be available to replay until January 15, 2021.

“National Bank and its employees are proud to partner with the Fondation Dr Julien and thus support community social pediatric care and services for thousands of vulnerable children across Quebec. We hope many donors will be joining us on December 12 to make this first ever Webothon a great success.”

vekemans Jehan Vekemans, Vice President, Business Strategy, Wealth Management

Donate to a centre near you and make a difference in your community

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Connect your circle to ours by creating your own fundraiser or support participants

To our precious partners, THANK YOU!