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Find an original way to get involved and help vulnerable children by organizing your own fundraising event, either in person or online. Whether it is a sporting event, a gourmet evening or a craft sale, the impact will be just as great: enabling us to care for and empower many children and their families. Team up, form a group and set out on your adventure—we are here to guide you.

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The financial need is a reflection of the needs of children and families in difficult situations. By organizing your own fundraiser, you are helping to raise awareness about the fundamental rights of these children and making a real difference in their lives. By getting involved personally, you are encouraging the community to mobilize and help us build this great protective, caring circle for our children.


1. Inspiration

Take inspiration from effective, successful fundraising initiatives that appeal to you; you will learn some best practices from them.

2. Team

Surround yourself with people who you trust and who will take your project to heart in order to spread the workload and optimize your efforts—and your results!

3. Planning

It is important to have a realistic goal, a relatively detailed work plan and a budget. For example, consider that you will get a positive return of one-third out of every three people. Do the math!

4. Relevance

Choose a formula that is relevant and consistent with the values of the cause in order to rally as many people as possible. Then create an engaging and reassuring message for your donors.

5. Discussion

Discuss the various possible formulas with us, then submit your fundraising proposal form; the Foundation team is here to help you.

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