Why give?

Because community social pediatrics represents a great social project. Because the financial need is a reflection of the needs of the task at hand. And because, thousands of children are still waiting for community care and services that are essential to their overall health and development. But thanks to thousands of committed donors like you, together we can continue to build this great caring, protective circle around these children.

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Donations that make a difference

Each year, over 10,000 children benefit from care and services provided by community social pediatrics—and the network of social pediatrics centres continues to grow. To learn more about the impact of community social pediatrics on children, please visit the relevant pages on our website.

« There is no small gift; you give according to your means. You can give your talent, your time, your money or all three—it’s up to you! It is through the sum total of all these efforts that together we will sustain Dr. Julien’s community social pediatrics model in the long term.»

— Michel-Éric Fournelle, President, Fondation Famille Michel Fournelle

Services offered by the Foundation

Direct services to children


Coaching and certification

Best practices

The three community social pediatrics centres operated by the Foundation provide care and support to close to 2,700 children and their families. The Foundation also supports clinical teams across Québec involved in the development of the network.

The Foundation trains young professionals like Jannick, a Université de Montréal medical school resident. This training allows Jannick and others to become familiar with the approach and get to know the EEDA method: learning to observe, decipher and understand the realities and behaviours of vulnerable clienteles and quickly incorporating this into their practice.

Project leaders, clinicians and social entrepreneurs looking to serve new communities can count on a dedicated coaching and certification team. This team will guide them through the process from start-up to the clinic’s opening, providing support from their learning and implementation stages all the way to achieving and maintaining certification.

To remain a leader in community social pediatrics, the Foundation must continue to be responsive to the needs of children and communities and create new tools through social innovation. The Foundation works tirelessly to advance the practice in collaboration with its network of centres and its many partners.