Community social pediatrics taught at McGill University as of September 2021

True to their longstanding commitment to innovation (it’s in their DNA!), the team at Fondation Dr Julien is now partnering with McGill University to offer a course in community social pediatrics. The “Understanding the impact of difficult living conditions on vulnerable children” training will be given starting this coming September.

If you are involved – or even just interested – in the situation of children in difficulty and the different strategies used to help and accompany them, this course is for you! Led by Dr. Delphine Collin-Vézina, it delves into the raison d’être of community social pediatrics through an examination of the challenges faced by vulnerable children, the consequences of difficult living conditions on their health, well-being and development, and the interventions used to help these children.

The topics addressed – all presented by recognized experts in their respective fields – will give you a deeper understanding of the situation of children in difficulty and range from child development, chronic stress, functional developmental disorders such as ADHD, abuse and neglect, complex trauma to urban, rural, and indigenous settings.

This course was created with the participation of Fondation Dr Julien, The Nicolas Steinmetz and Gilles Julien Research Chair in Community Social Pediatrics, Mc Gill University Department of Family Medicine; Department of Pediatrics; School of Social Work and the Faculty of Law. It represents very much so the multidisciplinary approach so essential to community social pediatrics.

Offered online in both English and French, it involves synchronous learning and asynchronous learning as of September 2021.